One of Australia’s truly iconic brands
Aerogard is Australia’s best selling Insect Repellant specicially design for Australia’s harse condictions.
Aerogard is an Australian brand of outdoor insect repellent, that is applied directly to the skin. Aerogard comes in aerosol sprays, bottled creams and roll-ons in both Odourless, Standard or Tropical versions.

An insect repellent developed by Australia's CSIRO’s Doug Waterhouse made the 1963 visit of Elizabeth II to Australia more pleasant - eventually. Although the Queen was meant to be sprayed with the repellent at a garden party held at Government House in Canberra, the aide responsible lost his nerve.
The next day Government House staff made sure the Queen was sprayed. Journalists following the Queen noted the absence of flies around the official party, and word about CSIRO’s new fly-repellent spread and the rest is history!