A true Aussie success story, Mortein dates back to the 1870s when J. Hagemann, a German immigrant to Australia, became fed up with our menagerie of insects. He used crushed chrysanthemum flowers to produce a pyrethrum extract and created an insecticidal powder. The name, believed to have been devised by Hagemann and his French wife, is a combination of the French word mort (dead) and the German ein (one). Dead one? Nice one!
Mortein Pressure Pak was the first commercially produced aerosol in Australia back in the 1950s.

Mortein was a pioneer in advertising, producing one of the first television advertisements in Australia.
Loveable rogue Louie the Fly, synonymous with the name Mortein, has been on television since 1957. Follow Louie the Fly on Facebook or visit his own Facebook-Fanpage.
Mortein, developed in Australia, has been the leading brand of household insecticide in Australian homes for more than 100 years.